Write writer write.

Write writer write. “Right. Tonight’s the night.” A day of days as all nays are.

Saved. Saved by not chant, rant or Kant but chance.

A crick in the feck cant quite take the strain of an entire WordPress.


2 thoughts on “Write writer write.

  1. Your blog is coming on very nicely indeed, Ben esq.
    Things are looking good. I broke a bed, and Wales have won eight games in a row. The armies of Gog and Magog are standing on the walls, and the giant’s ships are closing in on Michaelmas. And it is Sunday.

  2. Hehehe. Take it easy on her, wont you old son?

    She’s only a litlun from the sunny Southlands.

    Yes indeed Wales have won eight games in a row. Let’s keep our tongues forked and crossed for the next lot, shall we? Le Grand Stadt de France may be a little more tricky than what we’ve had of late. I figured out yesterday that by the time of the final [which I have hope and an inkling we will reach], all of my rehearsals and commitments will be done with – expect a drunken phone call no matter the outcome. =D

    Thanks for the complimentoes on the blog, brother. Methinks I amy be having far more fun than any prospective readers would but that’s a good part of why I set it up.

    Have a good Sunday.

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