This is my life of keyboARD and keyed beginnings.

The lap is da]]dead,
The movemen id –
“‘E go, ‘e go.”


“Why couldn’t I have text her straight away?”
Then there wouldn’t be a problem.
“I bet you tere’s a problem.”
Terre – un problem pour la masse.
“There’s a problem for maths.”

If maths had found a way to fix this –
oh wait, you know it has already.

The problem is solved by removing the beginning of the equation.


That’s the lock and here’s the key:
No matter how Techne,
no matter how you open up,
Care is needed when pressing into new territory.

If you’re scared or not strong enough,
I understand.
Sincerely, I do.
So here’s a simple equation for you:
Don’t begin=don’t fuck up.


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