‘Desperate’ couple on the verge of moving – should move the hell away from me

herein this post, I will rant like an angry young man. If you would rather not read the very thoroughly, and politically, annoyed thoughts of said angry young man, you should look away for the next…100 posts? I don’t know. I’m young – I’ve a right to be angry, these things are infuriating.

EDIT: In true disclaimer fashion, I should also add that I’m not a Darwinist: I don’t want all people with cancer to be killed as soon as they contract it; I do, in fact, love and respect the fact that my country of origin has a very good healthcare and welfare system that is entirely funded by our taxes – hell, I was brought up on the welfare system, I’d be an utterly arrogant wank if I didn’t appreciate it; and any views or expressions that cause offence in this article are entirely your own…problem. Cheers.


So,  [for any non-UK citizens reading, a Tory is a Conservative or politically-right-wing-leaning figure] a Tory MP has today had his report pushed to the front of the health section of the BBC website that details the difficulty people in the UK have in receiving FREE IVF treatment due to a supposed ‘Postcode lottery.’

I am not a victim of the postcode lottery and neither will I ever be – these ‘desperate’ couples should think more about their relationship to each other and the world than breeding. One couple even stated “It could have made or broke us as a couple and there are a lot of people in the same position.” It could have made or broke you…AS A COUPLE?


A child is not a relationship-fixer. A child is not something that is ever asked to be born in order to ‘make or brake’ your relationship – YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!
ADOPT! ADOPT!! ADOPT!! For the love of humanity, adopt. Please. Yes, it DOES take longer. Yes, it’s a difficult process but if you can’t figure out that that’s what having a child is like, then you really don’t deserve one.

I appreciate that every couple has a right to a child and that every human feels the urge to procreate however, no child asks to be born and there are millions that are forgotten, given away or simply left to die.

Adoption aside – don’t worry, I know full well the foibles of suggesting that as a complete alternative: people get rather angry when you take away their right to have 12 children for some reason or even to suggest that they bring up a child that [shock, horror] isn’t from THEIR GENETIC CODES! “ARrrrrrgh, the horror! It’s unbearable! Another persons genes in a defenseless human child! Quick! KILL IT!”
Adoption aside, would any of these people please think about their environmental impact? STOP HAVING SO MANY CHILDREN, you fucking breeders. Please.
The easiest way for a Western country to cut down its carbon footprint would be to restrict couples to one child and encourage adoption over giving away IVF.

So, please, anyone who is reading this and has a concern for the future of the human race – think twice before becoming pregnant. Try adoption.
Or better yet, take action. Encourage people to adopt every time the conversation comes up.  Write to the Tory MP here and let him know that his report encourages idiots to keep on breeding.


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