The Empire’s Sun

India wants us to pay for its provision of future energies?

About bloody time, too.


Many modern Indians are at ease with our shared British Empire past and some even take a decidely high road and debate the importance of British educational influence. Yet to many British [read: masses] people, India as a nation has long been looked upon as a suffering state – the middle child abused by the surly, mostly drunk, British father.
In recent years, Indian economic and political growth – in part due to its exponential technological growth and grass roots adoption – has boomed.

Hell, they’re even getting some outerspace and lunar action.

So I say their suggestion that ‘…the costs of clean technologies should be carried by developed nations, which have grown rich through their heavy use of fossil fuels,’ is a fair one – hell, if you’d been given a piggy back by someone weaker than you for 20 years – let alone 100 of The Empire’s long awed colonialism – don’t you think that maybe, just maybe, it’s time to give them one as their weak frame soaks up some sun and a little nutrition?

No? Man. I knew we were greedy but I didn’t know we were all that cruel.

Even in war, there are still rules.


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