Be quick or be dead

Does Jo have more hair?

Is it echoing stories which make sense of things?

When do we start teaching the 70s?

We constantly review the near-past.

We repeat the new. We cut together our time.

We forget. Post-war, we continuously forget.

We start to find other words which do that work.

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3 thoughts on “Be quick or be dead

  1. you did this… with your phone? Hang on…

    Where am I?
    What year is this?

  2. It seems only fitting that the titles of two automatically generated, possibly related posts are: “Where to find a fresh start if you’re looking for work” and “Rethinking profits.” Either computers are getting better at reading your subtexts or I’m dense and think I’m missing every other line of your sonnet. Or both!

    And ps. moules au safran–I was _just_ thinking about making that for dinner today. Delightful.

  3. In response to both your comments, I say ‘We forget. Post-war [and Rethinking Nonprofits], we continuously forget.’


    [Ben – I did indeed do it from my phone. It’s all possible now baby.]

    [Seo – maybe I should make a sonnet out of it! You’re right though, that is some weird subtext reading on the rodpress’ part.]

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