That’s it

That is it. Definitely. That’s the end of it all – I can’t do it anymore!

I’ve had enough with being the same titled blog all the time – every month, a new name>(?):

Ben Gwalchmai’s Lost Bits
Ben Gwalchmai’s In Bits
Ben Gwalchmai’s Bits & Pieces [This is all rather innuenduous]
Ben Gwalchmai’s Rude Bits
Ben Gwalchmai’s Trestle
Ben Gwalchmai’s Wrestle
Ben Gwalchmai Wrestles
Ben Gwalchmai Wrestles a ‘Gator

More in the comments, please!


3 thoughts on “That’s it

  1. Ben Gwalchmai’s Multicoloured Swap Shop
    Ben Gwalchmai’s Transylvanian Pet Shop
    Ben Gwalchmai’s s’iahclawG neB
    Bring me the head of Beavis G
    Excavating Ryvita

  2. Excavating Ryvita! You sir are the winner of next months titular prize.

    *heh* tit-u-lar *snigger*

  3. I also want to greatly thank you and shower my humblest obesciences upon your lotus feet by alerting me to that recipe on your sidebar – moules au safran. The very idea has blown my culinary brain. I’m currently cursing the fact I am about a thousand miles from a decent stretch of coastline. Damn you Eastern Central Europe!

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