Roll ’em roll ’em roll ’em – ROLLTOPS!

So though this is only an idea – an entirely possible idea with current technology…however expensive – were it put into production, I can’t help thinking that people would adopt it quickly only for it to be obsolete even quicker.

Sure, there’s a built in obsolescence to most every laptop or computer these days (7-10 years at my last check but then, hey, I’m a Linux user – we make that shit last) but I don’t think it would be the question of whether or not this was faced with becoming obsolete that would be the problem – more that, however small & portable it is, it wont be able to keep up with the user demands that smartphones are continuing to get better at meeting.

Eventually the technology will exist that this design will also be a supercomputer clocking all the computing power we could ever need – when that day comes, then they’d be widespread. Until then, I doubt DELL or Apple give enough of a shit to change their mass LCD production over to flexible OLED.

A shame really as this is beautiful and I kinda want one – so long as I didn’t lose it as quickly as my tech-geek eyes bulged at seeing it.


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