One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a White Heron wielding a boy

Today saw me surprised and lost, darkened and heartened alternately.

Today I have heard the Mumford & Sons album Sigh No More.

I…I don’t like it.

I’m sorry to say it but…I don’t like it. I was so disappointed to hear the songs I remember as so vividly beautiful, so simple and raw, seemingly processed through some 6-piece, big-band orchestra and a ‘FUCKING UNCONTROLLABLE BANJO PLAYER’ effect. Urrgh, “Who will kill the banjo player?” That should be a song.

Darkened, I turned to the internets at the early hours for redemption – rarely a good thing. This morning, for example, I reinitiated a long-dead forum discussion on whether space travel would ever be truly feasible in our lifetimes.

It isn’t.

However, in doing so, I was forced to hunt through my massive unread feeds of music articles only to discover Mountain Man.

It seems to me I seem to be the luckiest man alive sometimes – I’ll often find myself staring down the dark end of balance only to be shifted back to the centre by a friend or force. Thank you universe. Thank you for giving me a Mountain Man to love.


2 thoughts on “One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a White Heron wielding a boy

  1. This isn’t just a blandly overproduced country rock album… This is an M and S blandly overproduced country rock album, now with lashings of jangly plagiaristic banjo jus. It isn’t very good, is it? Disappointing.

    I might write a whole article about overproduction this week on eeee shameless plug. Forgive me.

  2. Banjo players are rare…. GOOD banjo players? even more… But what is country music without the allmighty banjo player? I think – credit crunch is to blame!!! And we have to suffer the consequences? fusssssssy fuz xxx

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