“Because everybody looks famous…”

Waaaaay back in, oh I don’t know, 2005?

Yeah, waaaay back in 2005 😉 I saw a band by the name of The Young Knives and my girlfriend of the time told me how jealous she was. Don’t worry Charlene, I wont mention you too much hereafter.

Having seen them, I  didn’t think about them much after that and quickly became a little disillusioned with all the post-punk bands that seemed so interesting then [funny, I think it might have been around the same time Charlene and I broke up – ah well, the wheel turns] and so I went back to my folk-retreat and played my harmonica.

That was until this morning when I woke up feeling great!

I stumbled across The French Horn Rebellion’s ‘Up All Night’ in a mix made on a site I frequent and then thought I’d check the video – it is and wont forever be hilarious, get while it’s still funny – but lo and behold, The Young Knives have a song called ‘Up All Night’ as well! This has meant an entire pre-work morning listening to The Young Knives, reliving 2005 and laughing at their brilliant videos.

Here’s two of the pick:


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