Pre-November Confessional – forgive me, I’m sinning by typing

So this may be a little late to add to the mix but anyone who reads this may want to know and, in some ways, I suppose this is a record for myself – yes, I am indeed using this blog more and more to my own devices of life-record-keeping

mildly disappointing I know but, seriously, I do so many things that if I didn’t put it into digital form I’d forget. Hell, I have forgotten half of the stuff I’ve done – I tried putting together a new Theatre CV the other week and had to go back to it today…anyway.

You may notice things have been quiet for a week and that’s because I’ve been a busy little working beaver.

In the pipeline we have:

  • the Birkbeck Voiceworks programme [wherein I get to collaborate with a composer and singer who like the sound of my poetic process and the poetry itself.]
  • Poetry & Film – Monday, 2nd November @ Kings Place, The Guardian offices [more on that next]
  • THE busiest 2 weeks of the year at work
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Poetry to plan for Roehampton university
  • A new theatrical venture with Master David House for Holocaust Memorial Day [possibly featuring a play written by myself but I’m definitely involved either way]
  • My own poetry – no, I wont be putting it here, tsk – is taking up more and more time but that’s a good thing
  • As is my own flash fiction writing.
  • Unraveling Michel Serres french and his philosophy is pretty damn time consuming
  • And trying to consider the fate of the world in every action I take
  • Alongside having considered and put to bed the possibility of moving

can sometimes take up more time than I’d like leaving little for poor ol’ WordPress.


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