A spine’s song

To discover a sound you can walk in; a sound which scares you and yet reminds you of that sweet, same fear that is being alive; a sound which pulses in each further step you take and pulses in your spine is an uncommon thing.

Any regular visitors would have noticed a link pop up in my Delicious links to the right there for Zoe Keating. Hers is this sound.

I thought I’d be able to leave it at a link but hers is a unique melancholy.
It is the soft warmth of expectant hope ebbing on the knowing, aged realization that each time a new happiness is known, so too is the understanding of its its fragile new-born nature and the possibility of its end – making it all the more important.

I haven’t heard an album and I’m not the first to know her music. I’m assured it’s available online and I’ve managed to find some tracks to download for free.

What I do know is that the next time she plays in London. I’ll be there.


3 thoughts on “A spine’s song

  1. yay for Zoe. I had a great night with her a couple of years ago when she first split from Rasputina and was touring with Imogen, she is a genuinely lovely woman. He track ‘tetrishead’ is a favourite of mine from ‘one cello x 12’ (i think thats the name of her debut although I may be wrong. Great stuff.

  2. You lucky bugga, sir!

    The album you’re thinking of is one cello x 16 and I am exceedingly jealous! I’m intrigued to find out what other Rasputina albums she was on – I know she was on ‘A Radical Recital’ [and that’s been playing in my head since you first introduced them to me properly] but other than that, details are a little scarce – anything you can give me would be much appreciated, brother.

  3. I think the only Rasputina album she played on was ‘frustration plantation’, which ranges from brilliant to dire in more or less equal measures. Its interesting, at the very least…

    Her solo projects are far superior, musically.

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