BREAKING NEWS: Designer makes most dangerous, most uncomfortable looking motorbike, ever

OK, so hyperbole aside – who else thinks making nuclear fusion your main power source in a vehicle that can travel up to 150 miles per hour is a bad idea?

Virilio would – he recognised that the nuclear deterrent no longer works but if I were a world leader and knew that anyone could come speeding at me on one of these things and take out my capital city with a self-triggered a-bomb, I’d be a little deterred from making any aggressive foreign policy moves.

However, saying all that, if ever nuclear fusion was made stable and controlled enough to go into a motorbike like this [I give it another 50 years minimum and say…150 maximum – yes, I’m hoping as well as guessing], I’d definitely try it…so long as the seat didn’t look more painful than an axe directly upward swinging into my nuts.

Good try though designer, Romain Herment.

via The Design Blog


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