Little Girl, I used to be a hero

When touch loses its taste,
there are questions to be raised.


Sure enough, those two lines should be a song lyric and not a couplet but I couldn’t resist putting it like that. ‘It’ in this case being the feeling of  feeling jaded. It seems to me, Robert Francis knows this feeling.

Not a festive treat but in having the time to investigate the Daytrotter vaults, this one’s one for all those who aren’t with anyone this Solstice. Sometimes, we need to be a love-disaster.

Sometimes its only a dark realisation that moves us to call up someone – family or otherwise. So, fine, if you will get down now – now and at this time – then do so but call anyone if you do. It doesn’t matter how jaded you are or how jaded they may feel, ask them to listen and, if they’ve humn left in them, they will.

[Disclaimer: I know how lucky I am.]


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