Ride ’em, 2009

Ah yes, the inevitable end o’ year music round-up. Alright, cowboys and cowgirls – rope ’em in.


Meursault – Kissing/Pissing. – Excellent wistful rolling in from the Scottish moors down into the big town pubs where the boys try to sing louder, not to impress the girls, but to shout down the cold.
Midwest Dilemma – Timelines & Tragedies – might as well be called ‘Recession Music’. Told with lo-fi recording sensibilities but the deftest of production, this is one folk album I’ll not stop listening to.
Lee Martin Computer Arm – Self Titled EP – like The Stooges met The Flaming Groovies in the street, started a fight and realised the only way to settle the score was to get Rocket From The Crypt’s horn section, fun timing and creepy. Plus a shitload of SHOUT, RHYTHM, YEAH!
Gold Panda – Miyamae EP – If only for the opening Back Home track, I could dance to this man all night and have done at that.
Beth Jeans Houghton – BBC6Music Live Session – This woman has a voice of cut glass and smoke blown through Ribena; I can’t begin to fully comprehend how a woman so young can put across such dark tones. They probably said that about Sandy Denny but Miss Houghton isn’t so much traditional-folk as Hough-nting Psych Folk.
Phaseone – White Collar Crime –  head bobbers and DJs take note, you’ve little to nothing on this guy. City listening without the repetition or flim-flam loose Kieron Hebden floaty: simple, hard beats that hit the ground through your auditory canals and make you feel the cars zipping by as bloodstream.


Easy now, keep that stuff at home [or guilty pleasures to you and me]:

Florence and The Machine – Lungs – I saw Florence here in South East London before she had a record deal and not only was she statuesque to the point of some impressive amazonian but she does indeed have a pair of lungs on her. The tracks she’s kept from those years ago on this, though, are no longer my favourites on the album. I saw her raw and kicking fits. Using whatever was there and a stick. On this album, someone’s only gone and made the production one of the most enjoyable pop albums of the year – even if it does leave the old songs to suffer a bit.
La Roux – La Roux – Fuck it, it’s too catchy to avoid; the sentiments are a little simple but the music isn’t shallow, instead its direct and I’m Not Your Toy is still sometimes how we all feel – even if it sounds like someone stuck at the age of 16 is singing it.
Marina & The Diamonds – The Crown Jewels EP/Mowgli’s Road (single) – more ‘is this the new Kate Bush’ female singer songwriters, I knoooow but I can’t help myself. It’s the B-sides and the remixes.


I thinks I gots my aye on that one [or a list of what I’m looking forward to in 2010]:

Bingo Pajamas – more please
Birch Tree Bicycle – more please
Laura Marling
‘s new one
Thomas Western – give me a full LP release, ya tease ya.
Great Plains – more please


Let’s get some 2010 grits.

[Yes, I realise we’re well into 2010 but I like to let my thoughts settle and my judgement find a little distance. Also, throwing out a ‘best of’ before the definite end of the year seems like tempting fate to me – I hadn’t heard Yeasayer’s new one to; the 28th of December. Yes, I know that that’s not here either but, hey, it’s only half a good album.]


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