Note for future work:

Selfridges, House of Fraser & John Lewis are shiny, capitalist, soul-sucking façades from Hell.

Any good socially just literary figure [read: John Constantine] would rip them to pieces.


8 thoughts on “Hellholes

  1. John Lewis is a co-operative though, so at least it’s vaguely socialist in its capitalism. I think most departments stores have already been ripped apart, it’s rather obvious source material.

  2. Sure, Emmy, they have been taken apart – a little – but when was the last time you were in one?

    On a Saturday in Central London?

    Good source material never gets tired – just the writer who should be able to reinvent it.

    Also, note that the post said ‘note’. Ideas take time. This blog is my comments and a small part of my vast, admittedly sprawling :), notebook of writing things and formations.

    Yup, that’s right – I sometimes write things that aren’t fully formed ideas. 🙂

  3. Excellent, sir!

    You know, I’ve met Simon Munnery twice and he’s been quite brilliant both times. Second time involved a great anecdote even as I was interviewing him.

    Oddly, I think the interview will soon be up at http://www.poetinthecity.co.uk – I had no idea he’d created Alan Parker’s 29 minutes of truth. When I’ve time, and enough definite distance from my old punk self, I’ll listen with glee.

  4. Thanks. I’m a big Munnery fan, and Alan Parker is definately my favourite character of his. Plus, the music on that radio show is awesome. What the hell happened to Radio 1 in the mid nineties? CHRIS MOYLES. Your blog kind of reminded me of it…Urban Warriorrrrssss 😉

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