Good Intentions, sung to you

Now I’m well…ish,  I’ll edit.

Long since I discovered some Golden Apples of The Sun, bobbing along, have I been a Newsom fan sold on the old-new-sweet-weird-sound. Tis a beautiful thing and twas a beautiful thing and it doth spring – not eternal, but certainly – vernal.

Now, her last Long Player, Ys, was a sight and a sound to behold however it charted a whole expanse of its own – vectors in the constellations of my liver were marked out as orchestrated for that album and I loved its engraving.

Thus I await the newest with trepidation because this new track sounds a lot like the path I thought Newsom would – but didn’t until now – take. That route being back in time a little and back toward a sounds reminiscent of the Old Weird America’s Judee Sill.

I will spare you too much of the why and give you the evidence:

now see evidence B:

It’s the country orchestration over the classical, it’s the simple drumming that could a chorus with coconuts. The Angels above may not be the best example but Sill’s entire first album is.

Go listen, learn and love.


6 thoughts on “Good Intentions, sung to you

  1. the first three seconds led me to believe excitedly that this was a cover of ‘Girlfriend In a Coma’… but I was sadly disappointed, as usual. Newsom is one of those that sadly, I just don’t get. Compelling live, distinctly below par on tape.

  2. Excellent link, sir.

    I had no idea that Judy Collins had such a capacity for eerie beauty. Do you think that that’s the same Judy Collins who writes Christian-leaning books? That was the first Judy Collins that sprung to my mind but then I watched and realised I’d heard some of her stuff elsewhere. I think the writer and musician might be a different person – I’ve no idea.

    I’m off to find more versions of Pretty Polly.

    hope you’re pretty.

  3. Its an absolutely awesome version. I do quite a mean one, myself. I just love those songs in the great American songbook (although Pretty Polly comes from England originally – maybe cornwall, I can’t remember) that take on a life of their own and get covered by EVERYONE, little new chapters and twists added each time.

    Yeah, I’m ok. My birthday, innit.

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