Rocco Scotellaro – Poems

As part of my poetry workinks [sic] I am a board member for Modern Poetry in Translation. I work on getting their stuff into new hands – your hands.

So, yes, this is a promo slot – listen if you like. Poetry’s good for you. Read more of it.

This particular promo slot is for Allen Prowle’s translations of Rocco Scotellaro’s poems that’s available here for the lovely price of £4. Not a bad price at all considering that it’s a limited run, if I do say so myself. Don’t worry, we’re working on the website.

It’s an interesting atemporal cross-section of Scotellaro’s work – I’ll easily admit my ignorance of the poet before MPT started working on publishing this, our first in a series of pamphlets. However, I’m really glad that I now know his work.

The poetry in the volume is sharp. Whether political or emotional, the works are both finely whittled to sharp edges and inclusive of sharp turns of phrase.


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