‘Golden Nanoparticles’

I can’t make up a better title than the thing itself.

another marker on the way to the godhead Here we see gold nanoparticles that scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have figured and worked to make electrical current.

Obviously the current is small, as they’re small, but that’s not really a problem for its possible applications and the possible scientific implications.

Way I see it, we’re soon able to make anything electric.

Let me re-state that, we’ll soon be able to power insect sized anything.

Applications could include everything.

Implications are a little tricky – future possibilities of improving current systems and photovoltaic panels or paints or any of their ilk; self-powered anything; easier space travel power-supply and, yet, the tech is morally questionable. If ever this particular set-up of nanoparticles was given to someone who wanted to create something that would change the face of the world [whether they believed it to be for the best or the worst doesn’t matter] it would be devastating.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough…and by that I mean 20 years in the future.


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