“Bloomin’ marvellous!”

“Marvellous stuff, technology, innit?” I heard this weekend.

It is at that, sir. It is at that.

Today, like every day at the moment, is a day of environmental concerns – as well as International Women’s Day – but these two parallel revelations from last week have been building in my mind to a real point of interest and possible development.

Bloom Energy revealed their Bloom Box last week: a fuel cell simple to construct and getting easier to manufacture – they say that, by 2012, the cost of one big enough to easily fuel a house will be US$3000; that’s pretty cheap for a fuel cell that will replace your need to connect to a national grid; let’s hope they keep their word.

That combined with these Phillips solar streetlights [via Inhabitat] that absorb light by day and give it off by night effectively – but not just on the street, no, but built directly into the fabric of new homes – could create a generation of housing that is almost entirely self-sufficient.

Imagine it.

Even the poorest of houses would have enough energy to enable them to have all their energy needs. Now all we have to do is used the aforementioned PeePoo to grow our own food and find a clean water supply – or filter another – and we have an almost apocalypse-proof set-up.


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