The administration of split ends

I was in a performance t’other week for my good friend Helen Schoene.

It’s listed on her site under the news section but I’ll give you the copy because its lovely:

Helen Schoene
9-14 March
Performance, Tuesday 9th March 2010, 6-9pm

Helen Schoene’s frustration comes with separation from her mother tongue. Her diligent reading calls for ever increasing scrutiny as she grasps for meaning, trying to unpick each word. At her wit’s end, she turns back on herself, clutching at straws, searching through split ends.

Scanning, printing, reprinting, repeating, Schoene transforms the gallery into a site of production, as tresses, clumps and strands creep across the walls. Finding herself at the centre of an irrational web, the snake hair of Medusa emerging from her head, Schoene invites you to unpick the tangled mass with limited edition leporello booklets and jigsaw puzzles.

Scriptura Continua refers to the writing of late antiquity in which no inter-word spacing or punctuation was used, with no distinction made between cases. As such, the task of interpreting the text fell to the reader, forced to divide the written string of letters into words. Meaning was only recovered through oralisation as the texts were recited over and over again.

scripturacontinua considers parallels with performance art in terms of ritual, repetition and shared experience. At the invitation of Live Art practitioner and KALEID curator, Katharine Fry, each week a different artist responds to the theme with a live performance and the creation of limited edition residua, inviting the audience to share a realm of private acts and sacred texts.



I was the chap doing the scanning, printing, reprinting, repeating.

Anyone that came along to the launch, cheers. Anyone who didn’t should contact Helen to buy one of the hirsute books made for the gallery – a beautiful little gallery named Kaleid Editions. Their quick tagline is ‘Artists who do books’ – you may be able to see why I like them. That and because they have books there by Dave McKean!


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