Action this day

Though I’m not entirely decided on the level of quality this weeks Doctor Who instalment, I am still in love with the design of this:

[click it, right click & save, whatever. Just tell me you don’t appreciate that design.]


3 thoughts on “Action this day

  1. It is a fantastic poster.

    But I was thoroughly unimpressed with Gatiss for such a poor episode. He really threw away a fantastic DW idea – the Daleks fighting on our side – and the writing was atrocious. They should have made it a two part episode, there was so much to be explored! I think it was made solely for the cumshot of spitfires in space.

  2. Yeah benchic, I agree. It was so badly thought out. Was the robot supposed to be part human? If not then why did he respond to the provokation of false human emotion? Why were the Daleks impure genetically exactly? And also, why did the new Daleks look like a rainbow of fat power rangers? I was in absolute disbelief as they wheeled out those chubby gay pride Dalek superiors. The Daleks aren’t exactly scary to look at any way, I thought maybe a redesign would include the removal of the whisk and plunger, not colouring them in with poster paint.

  3. easy now fanboys and girls, let’s discuss this with a stiff upper lip, what?

    I’m agreed that it should have been in two parts – it had potential to be so ferociously scary – and I too was disappointed with it on first viewing.

    I had to rack my fanboy brain for explanations every five minutes and wasn’t anywhere near as elated or scared as I felt I should have been when the new BIG ASS Daleks came out [yes, came out.] The writing seemed to hinge on a bromantic quick-fire funnyfun between The Doc and Churchill – who was played as far too energetic and nice for his own good, really – and fall a little apart at various points unless Smith was holding the torch. I agree with all these things…

    However, the Dalek’s old/new voices are terrifying, if you ask me. The played this one to the pit – the kiddies would have loved the new colours and been scared crapless of the size and voice of the new things as well as the “TARDIS GO BANG, DALEKS GO BOOOM” scenario and anyone else new to the Daleks would have laughed a little and thought, ‘wtf?’

    In order to spitfire…quickfire answer your questions, Anna: the robot Scot had a ‘positronic’ brain implanted with another human’s memories and only through the ‘power of love’ did Gatiss seemingly make an entire cosmos not do what it would naturally do because, of course, humans can overcome everything because they’re so very human [yes this is the MAJOR flaw in the whole episode]; however, the Dalek impurity ran true with when we last saw them as Dalek Caan [of the Cult of Skaro] ripped his mind apart by bringing Davros out of the Time War whence Davros remade an empire from his very own cells – let us not forget that Davros was the Kaled who made the Daleks from mutated Kaled genes after their 1000 year war and so wasn’t pure ‘Dalek’ and far too bi-pedal for the likes of true, mahuusive, multi-coloured, deep-voiced Daleks; apparently, when the Doc first met the Daleks in series one, they were coloured differently to represent the different elements of their society – science, strategy, great wheelie-bins, etc – but they were in b&w so Moffat has made it all big and shiny for the kiddy-widdies while making it absurdly retro for me who couldn’t stop giggling at their now entirely seedily pornographic look [is it me, or should they all just come covered in latex? Or spermicide? Or just with a vibrate function? They look so wonderfully tacky that it makes me feel a little insane just looking at them.]

    And Master Norris: yes. Yes it was. Gatiss probably couldn’t help himself. [You’re spot on though – poor show, Gatiss old chap. You get a Bminus.]

    Saying all of that – I would still recommend you watch it a second time.

    I did and I enjoyed it immensely more.

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