On Scottish Anarchists

Trespassers beware: here be spoilers.

“Right you lot! AtteEEENSHUN!”

Roll call:

Doctor, Doctor: no jokes, you were brilliant this time around – 4th dimensional co-ordinates, museums keeping score, you taught your wife [your wife(?!)] Gallifreyan in the possible future, you can kick a gravity ball like the gangly-set-destroying [I really wondered if Alex Kingston’s reaction to the tape Matt Smith ripped from the top of the scene was the actor’s or the characters] alien-bodied thing you are, on top of all that – you just explained away 50 years of Doctor who sound-effect history by letting on that you like leaving the brakes on and the stabilisers off as you land because otherwise ‘it’s boring’.

Pond – my God, you really do get better with each episode, don’t you? It seems to me like Moffat should be the only person to write your lines. Your connection with the Doctor grows fonder and more and more like a 20-something would act around that kind of chaos rather than RTD’s previous stereotypes. Apart from the end, Gatiss failed quite badly last wee [sic] to give you anything good to say that seemed entirely in character and yet, Moffat figured out that Amy would know to at least try to wink one eye after the other in order not to blink as a throwaway aside. Well done for not crying or overplaying your possible departure and it’s oh so good to hear that, unlike previous companion iterations, you’re ‘not that clingy’.

You’re a smart one who didn’t need a mini skirt(!) this episode.

Song – excellent form, great to have you back with us: you are beautiful, sexy, smart and possibly a little bit evil…just makes you all the more sexy [or maybe that’s just my opinions on Alex Kingston]. What is she hiding? What are the church’s real plans?

Is Corporal Moffat purposefully going all out left-wing against things like totalitariansim, religion, tv [weirdly but the angel coming out of the TV was brilliant], time itself [clocks], statues, fear itself, cracks in walls [those damned right-wing cracks in walls – yes I’m getting off point but bear with me] and almost anyone in a mask or anyone in an army uniform?

He’s comparing the military to the church and vice versa – people will begin to say, “That Steven Moffat, the man’s a BLOODY SCOTTISH ANARCHIST(!) and some [possibly brilliant possibly ignorant] lucky fool let him into the BBC’s flagship show.”

… at least … I know I am.

Moffat – You are a brilliant man. Well played sir, well played: a thoroughly enjoyable game that saw highs and lows, goals upon goals of excitement, intrigue, scares and a little building of the relationship between Song and The Doctor which seemed to me to make The Doctor warm to the idea [even after having his grumpy face on] of having a future wife – ok, well, at least he admitted to her being his possible wife.

You make me want to lose a week to forgetting just so I can know. See my notes from my chat with Song for further clarification.

My word this one was timey-wimey-wibbly-wobbly.

Here are my notes to all three of you: “12000 years later” that passes in a split-second? Brilliant. A Maze of The Dead? Brilliant. You – all of you and your relationships – [as the good Doctor has, would and will repeatedly say] Brilliant.


13 thoughts on “On Scottish Anarchists

  1. It was brilliant. The best episode since ‘Blink’, without a doubt.
    I’m still not sold on Song, though. She’s a bit ‘ab fab’ for me.
    Otherwise, no complaints whatsoever. Amazing.

  2. hehehe. Glad to hear you liked it, brother. Blink is a classic, the question is will this 2-parter become one too?

    I think I was also so elated with this one due to last week’s let down.

    Sometimes she does come across a little too fab, you’re quite right there but I think it’s showboating on her characters part because at the points in time we’ve seen her, she knows more than The Doc. When they meet for *her* first time, now that will be intriguing.

    Following that, my intrigue with Song lies not just in the possible-future-wife-thing but also all the possibilities: did you hear what the Bishop said to her?

    “He doesn’t know who or what you are yet…”

    What exactly does *’…or what’* mean? Could she be Romana? My own personal favourite, completely out of the field hope – Compassion? An android from the 50th century? Any other mad-ass character from the great backlog library of brilliance that is the Who canon? Who knows! I just hope we get to find out this season or even…next week! 😀

  3. Yes I actually warmed up to Pond a lot more in this episode, maybe because she got to pout less and act more. Overal a pretty brilliant episode , even if the Angel flickering out of the TV screen was a little ‘Ring’-ish. The writing was on fire, Matt gets better and better, and I love the various intrigues that surround River Song. I also gained a degree of smug satisfaction from a love interest not fawning over the Doctor and giving him a run for his money. Although I think in reality she would come across as obnoxious as opposed to sexy, it worked in this episode. Right, I’m going to go re-watch the ‘Blink’ episode, I need something to tide me over until next week.

  4. [I still have a slight hangover and that entry was written at its peak this morning, it was either that or watch Mary Poppins and cry with joy.]

  5. Also, ‘Fanboy, you say?’

    – guilty as charged. 😀

    [But surely there is a certain matter of a pot and a kettle…or were you just a Tennant fangirl? :P]

  6. NO WAY it’s all about the SHOW, God, I’ve never even noticed what the Doctor looks like!

    Ok, Ok, I’m not going to deny it, the more than small soft spot for Tennant does definately continue. But I’m pretty much a fan-girl for the Doctor in general… I wont deny the fact that being played by two attractive men has maybe helped this along though 😛

  7. I just watched it again. I mean, it was a superb episode. Really superb.
    Romana? That’s interesting. Me and all my friends were convinced for a while that Donna was Romana (Donna Noble Temp seemed too obvious a latinised clue – lit. ‘Time Lady’).
    I don’t think River Song is Romana, though. And I don’t think she is a time lady. Although I can’t be sure. I’m not sure who she is. Her name doesn’t seem to give anything away, and her appearance in Forest of the Dead didn’t really leave any clues.
    In anyone else’s hands, the comparison between church and military would have seemed heavy handed, but Moffat dealt with it deftly.
    Man, it was good. I’ve almost completely forgotten about Tennant.

  8. Oh, and why was Mike Skinner in the opening scene?
    And where can I get some ‘hallucinogenic lipstick’? I can’t imagine anything better!

  9. So that was Mike Skinner?

    I had that exact same thought. I imagine he’s either: a)trying to get into acting and starting relatively well because he’s Mike Skinner; b)the Beeb’s friendly recognisable druggy of choice and so gets a guest spot in a very minor role or c)Mike Skinner, caught on camera by some lucky cameraman in the wild, reeling from actually being kissed by Alex Kingston.

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