Solar Week, entry 3 – Slovenia’s White Forest

This week, I’m dedicating myself to finding the best and most intriguing solar technologies emerging that I, yes I, would like to see developed further and come into fruition.

Sunday saw a solar airship, Monday a solar houseboat, today we have an entire solar forest.

The ‘trees’ generate electricity [as all good photvoltaics do] while also affecting the temperature around them – just like real trees, then. What’s even better is that they’re designed to also collect rainwater for usage in the building – architecture emulating nature. Architecture should be classified as a science as well as an art – only will adaptable [some might say organic] architecture survive.

Admittedly, said solar forest is within a building, a proposed museum in Slovenia designed by Andrea Branzi, but look at its beauty – if all that were to survive the construction process were these half-organic, skyward-reaching podlings and they were all that stood of the building in a hundred years, I would be a happy man indeed.

Architecture emulating nature – more please, Mr & Ms Architectural Scientists.


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