I am become time

What is this thing that sits in my room and is bigger than my foot:

Why does is sit next to my television?

You know you’re living in the future when this thing comes in a box like this:

It is a Vacuum Cleaning Robot whose company [iRobot’s] slogan is ‘Less Chores. More Life.’

I say yes to you sirs, yes.


4 thoughts on “I am become time

  1. @ Master Norrischic
    “Run with us!
    We got everything you need!
    Run with us!
    We are free…”

    Man, it’s amazing how much of The Raccoons I remember. I didn’t even like them that much. And yes, you can call me Cedric.

    @ Anna, heheh. Yup, me and Master Norris found it outside my place at New Years. Thinking it would be destroyed I planned to rewire it or make it into a simple projector – turned out, no need! Free televisual department. Thanks London.

  2. That TV was the find of the century. Nothing like that happens in Hungary. The best we get out here are discarded shucks of toasted maize and broken cartwells.
    The Raccoons was pretty rubbish, but it was before Live and Kicking, so we used to watch it anyway. It had a cracking tune, mind, which was translated in the French-Canadian version and sung as a new wave classic called “Viens Vers Nous”.

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