On fleshing out the cracks

As I am still undecided on this weeks Dr Who episode [admittedly I’ve only watched it today], I present to you instead The Guardian’s review.

BE WARNED: if you thought my review last week was gushing, you may find yourself in an insurmountable torrent of gush when reading that [slightly misjudged and a bit badly written] Gruadian piece.

[Disclaimer: yes, the title is rude – sorry to parents and the like offended but the Gruadian piece sort of, weirdly for fanboy like me, left me with a bitter taste of how uncritical the ‘journalism’ was. Still, it is good to have someone enthusiastic doing it. :D]


5 thoughts on “On fleshing out the cracks

  1. Greatest episode ever? I don’t think so. I might elaborate further when I get home from work, unsurprisingly though, I wasn’t very impressed by the ending.

  2. @Anna – Glad you agree on the man’s hyperbole. I’m going to rewatch it today [possibly with last week’s.] 😀

    Also, Ms Clover, I’ve been thinking about whether or not you’ld consider writing sociological-feminist reviews. Would you? It would be a good weekly addition to the Who reviews.

  3. It did feel like a classic Who episode, though, didn’t it? I loved it.
    I thought the ending was a little rushed, but I was surprisingly ok with Pond jumping on the Doctor, it wasn’t soppy, it wasn’t anything more than what it was. And it very easily could have been.

  4. It did indeed have a very classic feel to it – the impressive surprises, the badly/childishly named technology, the whole cataclysmic end to one enemy only really introducing another foe, a good deal of timey-wimey-wibbly-wobbly while all the while extended its reach into the rest of the series…plus a good deal of staring at a quarry or beach in Wales, of course.

    I agree on the Pond front, it certainly could have easily been more than that – it didn’t feel overplayed to me but I’d really like to hear Anna’s opinion on it to get a wider perspective.

  5. I think Amy Pond is a starchild or time-hinge and needs to be impregnated by a timelord in order to create a vortex for order, or chaos (NIGHTMARE CHILD) connected to the pandorica.
    Thats what I think.

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