Doctor Who: whispers of wonder

A quick post on all the things I shouldn’t be thinking about but can’t help myself thinking about.

OK, Steven Moffat released way too much information for me not to get excited in an interview with the RT.

In that post he gave the last two episode’s fairytale gambit:

A message on the oldest cliff-face in the universe, a puzzle box opening from the inside and a love that lasts thousands of years… The fates are drawing close around the Tardis – is this the day the Doctor falls?

“There was a goblin. Or a trickster, or a warrior. A nameless, terrible thing, soaked in the blood of a billion galaxies. The most feared being in all the cosmos. Nothing could stop it, or hold it, or reason with it – one day it would just drop out of the sky and tear down your world”


Right. What does this mean for us lowly fans?

Well it means surmising that:

  • River Song is [so totally] a Timelady – Romana, The Rani [both of whom either definitely did or were hinted to have had relationships with The Doctor in his previous incarnations] it doesn’t matter which. Please say she is, that would be awesome and possibly even answer the ‘love that lasts thousands of years’.
  • The Doctor is the aforementioned goblin/trickster/warrior and has to unwrite his actions and their effects on the universe or face himself and all his actions
  • One of the reasons The Doctor and the TARDIS [a recurring statement in this series, e.g. “The Doctor and the TARDIS hasn’t noticed”] develop a link to click and open the door is because that tiny keyhole in the TARDIS is one of the many causes of the cracks.
  • Both Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have been confirmed to continue next year in another series – will [as regular reader Master Benchic suggests] Amy Pond need to be impregnated by The Doctor? Or willit be revealed that she is, in fact, just another lucky mortal who has an effect on the timeline and, as such, needs to change irrevocably? I’ll go with the latter.
  • Is the ‘Dream Lord’ advertised for the next episode The Black Guardian? Bugger me do I hope so.

After all that nerd buggery, I think I best stop.


5 thoughts on “Doctor Who: whispers of wonder

  1. and following on from that [as I didn’t have enough time to type everything I wanted to in my lunch hour at work]:

    – in the ‘Vampires in Venice’ episode, Roseanna said they saw whole civilisations through some of the cracks; could River Song be an alternate Doctor from another universe; or, better, could she have slipped through the crack from when Gallifrey was young and free of Time Wars?
    – Does this mean, in turn, that she and The Doctor are in fact the cause of the cracks and thus have to be destroyed or unwritten or hidden away in some new space and time?

    – Finally, shall I now come out of the closet as a 12 year old boy who thinks about this way too much?
    [or is it all a little too late in the game for that…?]

  2. oh, ffs. You have made me think far too much about this.

    I still don’t think it is likely that River is Romana, or any other recurring character – it doesn’t seem to fit the remit of New Who, and I think there would have been a clue by now. I think she might possibly be an alternate doctor. Oh, flip. I don’t know. I can’t really figure this one out.

    The fairytale thing is significant. It makes me think it is all happening in the… hang on… in the parallel universe that Romana is in…

    I still thing Amy Pond is supposed to be a vortex giving birth to the Nightmare Child. And I just don’t see how Rassilon won’t be making a comeback.

    So many threads!

  3. aw, man… I had forgotten about the Black Guardian.
    That would be cool, if they gave it right twist. Quite how capable the writer of ‘Men Behaving Badly’ is of that shall be seen, although the trailer looked superb… proper early Who weirdness!

  4. Hehehe – good to have your thoughts, brother.

    It’s possible that River Song is also Compassion [the sentient TARDIS] but I doubt that so – maybe we should leave that one until Moffat reveals it [and let’s hope he doesn’t just cop it with “Yes…she IS the woman to end this doctor’s incarnation” after two series with Matt Smith.]

    I think you’re right about Pond being some kind of vortex but the Nightmare Child? I think that you just want to see whatever that thing is on screen [and I don’t blame you] but I doubt Moffat would bring in such an RTD thing…would he? If so, bring on the King of The Never Weres.

    I say bring on the Rassilon in whatever form he takes and let him win dammit! The Daleks won this season, why not let some interesting alternative nemesises [nemesi?] come back?

    Does look like ‘proper early Who weirdness’ indeed! I…kinda…can’t wait!

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