“I was not expecting this!” – ‘The Lodger’, Episode 11, Series 5, Doctor Who

“I better get dressed”

So, a quick review of a quick – mostly filler – episode.

Honestly, I liked it.

I know, in some ways, I shouldn’t have but I did. I shouldn’t have because the music made a good proportion of the tension without tension, it was obvious from the start he’d sort out Craig’s lovelife and the dodgy flat that’s not a flat…but I liked it anyway.

“Thank you, Craig, but I don’t need your help.”

Craig and Sophie are beautiful characters, acted well. I’ve only seen Corden in Gavin & Stacy but it wasn’t exactly the same performance so good on him. I didn’t know I knew Daisy Haggard before today but I do now.

“It’s a big old world, Sophie. Work out what’s really keeping you here, eh?”

Matt Smith was on excellent form in this episode. Spitting back out wine – has the Doctor ever got drunk? I’d love to see that – talking to cats, teapotting James Corden tea and generally gadding about like the gangly footballer he is.

Stirling work.

Karen had hardly anything to do but did most of it well. Her “There is no upstairs!” Was a little obvious but quite funny.

“It’s willing her to touch the activator.”

If a crashed ship had both a perception filter and TARDIS technology…where did it come from? Eh? Gallifreyan tech just lying around…ah, those messy timelords.

“For God’s sake, Craig. Kiss the girl!”

And hardly any CG!

Good, all-round, earth-bound hilarity.

The ending was tantalising and now my fortnight is going to be full of constant reminders until I get to watch it all.

Yes fortnight. I’ll be too busy to watch next week’s episode and then doing my dissertation every night until the big finale finale Saturday.

What will happen now Amy’s seen the old Rory-ring?

My prediciton of the box itself being the Pandorica was either off or the next two episodes are part-dream, part-alternate timeline.

“What are you? What could you possibly be?”

We’ll see. In time.


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