“…my passionate nature…”

Rehearsassls (sic) for The Diaries of Adam & Eve are at the two-thirds break before the ‘magic0-leap’ push.

My first ever drama teacher called the time that will be from the 9th until the 19th of August the ‘magic-leap’ and so, in that great tradition [thanks, Buzz] I call it the magico-leap – magical…magicol…magicolic…magico-leap, get it?

Yeah. Well, I like it. ;D

I think it’s important to have a break before getting back into it so we can all feel refreshed.

As I’ve sent the team away with their homework, I figured I’d direct some of you lovely lot to their work. They are:

  • Maddy Holmes [soprano, performer, Italian-speaker and professional professional.]
  • Gemma Kateb [pianist, adventurer and understanding instrumentalist.]
  • Edward Lee [tenor, performer, botanist on this one and professional professional.]
  • David Josiah Moore [composer, librettist and musical director on this one.]

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