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Nick Clegg and other MPs
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Spawned on by my current hatred, anger and outright disgust with the British government, I discovered a book called ‘The Meaning of David Cameron‘ published by Zero Books.

From there, I discovered that I want to read almost every book they’ve published. So, now, you must suffer their brilliance also.

Highlights for me are:

Circus Philosophicus
Seemingly wherein the work of the IIAL is done.

“Why has mainstream British film been so unrepresentative of the changes in British society over the past twenty years? Classless looks at the erasure of key issues of class and class struggle in recent British film as well as the flattening out of the rich variety of English social types into the bland middle-mass of Love Actually. By analysing a number of key films and emergent genres the ideological character of the Major years on into the false dawn of Blairism and Cool Brittania will be elaborated, and it will be argued that even works that are ostensiblysubversive, such as Trainspotting (Danny Boyle), serve to promote the underlying myths of neo-liberalism” – yes.

and, of course, The Meaning of David Cameron
“David Cameron has been sold to the British electorate as a thoroughly modern politician, part Blair, part Thatcher, a one nation conservative with a soft spot for social democracy, the green movement, big and small business, youth, minorities, traditionalists, the armed forces and the old. Has a politician ever been sold as so many things to so many people, at home in fashion magazines as he is at Party conferences? But despite being told, arguably more, about Cameron the man than any other politician he remains vacuous, strangely unformed, a cipher for the real interests and forces he represents. The Meaning of Cameronis an unmasking of the false politics Cameron embodies, and an examination of the face the mask has eaten into” – fuck yes.


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