Anarchic Border Morris

Looking over the programme for Sunday – tomorrow(!), I’ve just realised that the Belles of London City [those innovative, feminist starlets of the Morris world] are dancing at the Folk Festival The IIAL is lecturing at!

I, for one, will be clapping and cheering.

Not only for The Belles of London City but for The Master Shipwright’s Revelry, also.

Come join us, if you can!

[Also, the words in the title of this post are three words I never thought I’d  put together.]


2 thoughts on “Anarchic Border Morris

  1. It’s all incredibly exciting, I was deeply jealous and gutted to not be there. However, this weekend I was rigourously flyering the new journal in Transylvania – my new method for IIAL promotion involves visiting Eastern Europe’s most prestigious art galleries, and sneaking flyers into the pages of the biggest books in the gift shop. Currently, there are over 200 books in the shops of Budapest and Timisoara’s primary arthouses bearing advertisements for us.

    PS I can’t watch that clip because I hate Paul Morely surely morely than most other people.

  2. That is a bit brilliant.

    It’s what we’re all about – infiltration, doubt dissemination and real world placing.

    Nice one, Head of The IIAL’s I.D.D. Unit .

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