All’s quiet on the Gwalchmai front

It’s been quiet here because last night saw the culmination of an event that’s been a while in the making.

Poet in the City‘s Corresponding Poets went off last night beautifully – we had an almost full house in Hall One of Kings Place and I didn’t fluff a single line, nor sweat out too much sweat so that I squeaked.

Mark Ford, Lord Gowrie, Anne Stevenson, Ruth Rosen and Peter Forbes [who I could, as of last night, hereafter listen to reading an ingredients list] were all excellent, interesting and illuminating.

All is well and today is the calm-quiet [unusually] after the storm – with no wreckage to pick up, all’s quiet on the Gwalchmai front…

For at least a day.


2 thoughts on “All’s quiet on the Gwalchmai front

  1. Thank you kindly, good sire Norris.

    I’ve been meaning to congratulate you on your sculpture collaborations. I’ll pop over your blog way and do that now.

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