Good old internet


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Today is a day of aggregation: at work, in my head, and onto my future.

So it struck me as apt that I should stumble on such an interesting tumble: which is essentially a photography lead discussion of the internet but one that aggregates Londoner’s opinions;

which should also lead so seamlessly into How Publishers are Tackling the App Question and Lost Book Sales. Though I’m no publisher extraordinaire, yet, I can’t help thinking about the issues around it due to my work on Modern Poetry in Translation.

What this all leads me to say is that the internet has been a part of my life since I was 14/15 – it was born in 1965 but only really finished university and became popular at parties [in human terms] in 1995 – so it now feels right to say “Good old internet”. After ten years in my life, the internet has done lots of weird & wonderful things (some I’ve liked, some I’ve thought hilarious and some of I’ve kept ‘well clear of’) but it is still aged – aged and always new.

The internet eats itself like Rocketboom eats OVER 9000!!!!!! for its memefast but it is now what film once was: the great aggregated, aggregating and aggregator – the net’s burdened but broad shouldered walk continues making itself anew across the entire human consciousness.

Good old internet.


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