Sculpture III: I am Lacking an I

A departure from the IIAL sees me creating a sculpture in earnest.

Sculpture III is made using found-materials of steel, iron and plastic.

As all my sculpture does, Sculpture III questions: form and anti-form; inorganic and organic lines, materials and kinetics; however Sculpture III is also an homage to, and update of, both Man Ray‘s Moving Sculpture and Duchamp‘s Nude Descending the Stairs; a question of the human and inhuman; and also my place as a young sculptor.


2 thoughts on “Sculpture III: I am Lacking an I

  1. Really, really like this one. Can definitely see the Duchamp in it, but what I like the most is this sort of physical chiaruscuro, the decay of the opaque which becomes replaced by empty space itself (I think lattices and frameworks are timelessly brilliant for this). Not only that, but it is an ace photograph – nicely hidden and obscured. I enjoy the feeling that I don’t know where it starts or ends, but my eye knows where to go.

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