Meetings to discuss the future of HE
are wonderfully useful when HE wont
respond, has no time or money to come along
but we will talk about the importance
of the future,
of adapting to change,
of growth –

Yes! Of course!

The way forward must be growth –
a growth on the nation, that is
what we must become –
a growth.

Excellent! The young will see us as a growth!


If they’ve any sense, they’ll cauterize us.


5 thoughts on “Cauterization

  1. Do you know what is pissing me off? How we have collectively decided that these issues with HE have to be discussed and negotiated on THEIR terms. That is, Thatcherite terms. I’m completely sick of reading justifications and responses and arguments which claim that Universities are important/University attendance is important because it is ultimately beneficial for the economy. I’m pretty certain that helping the economy isn’t the reason for the foundation of most universities, indeed, for most university courses. Its equal to suggesting that every great academic has completed his or her magnum opus as a way of earning money with which to buy a plasma TV.
    Is everything valued to the pound?
    Is nothing valued outside of monetary terms?
    We have created our own demise, to a certain extent. We use debt and growth as a question, an answer and a war cry.

  2. Well said, sir.

    I am almost entirely disillusioned with the discussions going on within and without Higher Education.

    It’s like I said in my ‘OK. We’re out’ post, no-one is thinking about the importance of going to university just to enjoy learning.

    I think that you and I – as a few of the last to be able to not have to pay tuition fees if poor enough (and both you and I know we’re bloody well poor enough) – may well be the last of the lucky to enjoy learning for learnings sake.

  3. Absolutely. And not just to enjoy learning, but to have a selection of normal (ok, we aren’t exactly normal, but you know what I mean) people in society discussing medieval poetry or invisible political systems or Chaplin or Orwell or whatever, and having a country of intellectual value which will NO DOUBT pay off in a million senses of the word in time. The same could be said for the cuts to the arts. I don’t, and nobody should care if galleries and exhibition spaces are making a large enough profit to ‘justify’ their existence as businesses free from state funding. Their existence has huge value to the cultural wealth of the ordinary and the public.
    Nobody is suggesting these things out loud, it seems, the argument and the protests have become about money, not value. And certainly not Values.

  4. funny words.
    lovely word flow.

    you have got talent here, welcome to attend poets rally week 35, where you share your poetry and make new poetic friends…poetry awards are assigned upon completion.

    let me know when you are ready.
    Merry Christmas…
    keep writing…

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