2011, in code

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Image by vancouverfilmschool via Flickr

Seeing as how today marks the beginning of the second stage of research for Project Nepidermis and Sunday marks the beginning of Project Gunkway, I thought I’d make a quick ‘hullo 2011’ list of what I’m doin’…

So, ‘hullo’:

  • Project PissinParnassus – starts January, 2011; never finishes, it’s a laugh.
  • Project Gunkway – started January, 2011; finished by July 31st, 2011
  • Project Nepidermis – starts (in earnest) July 31st; finished by November 1st, 2011
  • Project Purefoy – starts (in earnest) November 1st; finished by February 1st, 2012

Good to see ya round again, guys – by the end of the year, I’ll miss ya:

  • The Futur[ISTS] – film-opera
  • King’s Row – film-opera
  • Spoken Word All Stars – directing work for Poet in the City
  • The IIAL – my time as a lecturer is up, I’m afraid. I may still have one more left in me though…if there’s demand enough…

Not much, this year, I suppose. Not really…you know…considering how busy 2010 was. :¬D

*WARNING: this list is mostly for me and in code for good reason – the time will come for reveals, oh yes, but that time is not now. I just needed to clarify this in my head so I could bookmark it and keep on track. Cheers.*


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