3 thoughts on “Scherenschnitte

  1. Whose are these?
    I always fancied having a go at doing some woodcuts. One of my ancestors was a famous woodcutter and engraver dontchaknow… Old Thomas Bewick, check him out 😉
    The thing I like about woodcuts is that no matter what you do with them or what style you attempt, they always come out looking like woodcuts. And a bit germanic and fairytalesque, as if that style is burned in our cultural consciousness as immediately involving talking trees and long-fingered dancers and three sons, the third of whom is always honest.

  2. The third of whom should always be honest and was until the world-ware turned him into a bearded goat with the mind of a rat, mind you.

    These are a selection from long dead 1850s era German Scherenschnitte [paper-cutter] artists specializing in paper, paper-lantern and paper-stage-puppetry making.

    All in the research for one of the big two for when I’m with you: interestingly, one of the most famous Scherenschnitte artists, Lotte Gützlaff, lived for 100 years exactly from 1800 to 1900. I love a centenary baby, me – gives me a feeling that they were that century.

  3. Not sure where else to post this, but have you yet checked out ?

    its still in its infancy, and a lot of the high quality images are yet to be posted. But just check out the extremely hi-res zoom option on the paintings, its absolutely ecstatic!

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