“Why did they hang him so high?”

“I do not know. Possibly in the belief it’d make him more dead.”

February is hung out to die.

I’ve been busy with familial engagements for all of Febraury and now – yes, only now am I – I am back onto the interfibbers.

Things I’ve seen while gone: Mecca…Bingo, a lot of Mecca Bingo; True Grit, Never Let Me Go, The Kings Speech [again – oh what time is that now? Oh, the fifth time]; a gaunt group of black men walking from a singular inferno-derived bus at midnight; the smile of an amnesiac and the warmth of old cheeks keeping illness in check.

Oh yes, and on the other hand, we’ve launched the new Modern Poetry in Translation website that I am now Web-Editor of. This means I tweet for poetry now. Never before have I been able to say that.

I hope you like it as much as we do.


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