Bill Nighy: style, bones and class

English actor Bill Nighy.
Image via Wikipedia

While those of the British public happy enough to sit on their laurels will smile and laugh at someone singing badly, some of us will think ‘When did Bill Nighy become such a cool chap?

I always thought he was in a very fortunate position and may, understandably, not have time for an interest in the rest of us but it turns out he’s being a figurehead to the Robin Hood tax I blogged about sometime ago.

Good on you, sir.


3 thoughts on “Bill Nighy: style, bones and class

  1. I actually met him once in a flower market in Amsterdam, although I wasn’t really in the best state to converse with him. Although my sister did live in the same halls as his daughter at UCL, and met him – she said he was a gentleman and very friendly in the mess of disastrous student messiness.

  2. Hah!

    Brilliant – I can imagine him as so and with a good touch of wry enjoyment at student halls.

    Ahh, it’s good to know that there’s good folks out there doing well and doing something good in return.

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