Once upon a Twitter, a tourist became a trawler

I’ve sunk.

I’m in the mire –
I have become Twitware.


<Div>For Tracebook and Fritter

I’ll soon be a Twit amongst Twits</div>.


For anyone unaware, I’m now the Web-editor of Modern Poetry in Translation. This keeps me busy but I’ve found myself trawling through the Twitterverse to find old and new mentions of everything to do with MPT.

I have become what I once most feared – a Twittaholic.

I think I like it.

Previously I surfed, now I immerse. I am careful to only allow myself occasional immersion but there is the great and gaping possibility there for a loss of my conscious use of time.

So this is a message to you, gear reader (sic) – beware.

[And…you know, follow http://twitter.com/MPTmagazine]


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