The Doctor’s darkest hour

This happened all of 2 whole days ago – I need to be told these things.

Who do I have to stalk to be told about these things AS SOON AS THEY HAPPEN?

Seriously, would anyone like to be my PA? one of your tasks would be a constant eye on Doctor Who? Qualifications needed: 4 seasons of Dr. Who under your belt & a GCSE in maths. That is all.


2 thoughts on “The Doctor’s darkest hour

  1. WOW!
    Oh, it is going to be good…
    I quite liked playing ‘spot the Neil Gaiman episode’ in the trailer… strange children with Dave McKean style masks creeping around… 🙂
    Who has killed hundreds of time lords????

  2. I’d say that the killer of hundreds of time lords would be ‘The Silence’ that is supposed to be being felled/falling/fallen.

    Gaiman spotting: possible Gaiman line in the previous advert – ‘…monsters are real.’ Brilliant fun indeed, brother!

    This series does look like a lot of fun and we’ll finally get to find out who River is!

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