“A month at sea and then they’ll surely sleep”

I’ve Bats in the Attic causing the life of me as I recall all the hours I’ve spent with King Creosote, now.

My god this man and I have had some experiences together – no, we’ve never met.

Why would we? Were we to we’d be “…left dangling just a little shamefaced.”

Listen and learn the internal vestibular rumblings of a man, a father, a boy, a warrior and a greying worrier – like all the internal, unsaid men I know, King Creosote considers his past & future in terms of questions geared toward a comfortable silence.


One thought on ““A month at sea and then they’ll surely sleep”

  1. Fantastic stuff, I’m a big fan.
    I’m listening more or less obsessively to Marianne Faithfull’s later work at the moment – definitely going through a phase of ex-heroin addict heartbreakingly sad female singers-who-can’t-really-sing-but-my-god-can-communicate right now.

    Do need some more recommendations. I know tonight I’ll be listening to the King Creosote, for sure, but there is no doubt my search bar in media player will also throw up a load of King Crimson too, so I’ll have some strange dreams later, and no doubt.

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