“Your future’s my past; your firsts, my lasts”

I’m off-planet [read: offline – dans Lormes, Bourgogne for anyone interested] for all of 3 weeks and the world changes.

Firstly, scientists push to invent a laser that will rip through the vacuum of space-time itself in order to see if the abyss really is quantum, presumably; then, secondly, they go and create a metal so intriguing it can do two things at once just by putting it in water; and thirdly, good bloody God were the first two  episodes of Doctor Who brilliant!

I haven’t the time to review them but I am ever-more loving of River Song.

Illuminated by the electricity of Moffat’s universe expansion and quick-fire pace, they swing by with scares, a good deal of silly and a fair smattering of wtf?

More to come once it’s all settled in the brain alongside the real reveal behind the ‘Reeling, realing and keeling’ GOOD TIMES.


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