Becalmed waters – Doctor Who, Series 6, episode 3

Unfortunately, I found an episode rife with pirates, treasure & plausible possible-Rory-death as dull as dishwater.

I’ve little to say other than that…


maybe younger viewers could have enjoyed it;

the hatch & the eye-patch (Lady Kovarian) is this seasons crack – it’ll keep you coming back for more;

and that the episode may well also have been a long way of introducing how Amy’s inevitable pregnancy is possible: 2 Amys, one nested within the other – by accident or not – would explain why the TARDIS can’t tell if she’s pregnant.

Theories abound online as to who the Lady with the eye-patch is – and I’m sure they’re right – but I’ll not peek at the end, not until my intrigue is truly piqued.

This week, it was not.


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