Rushes for Brushes with conventional nets

Sarkozy‘s up to his old tricks again. First the veils, then the nets. I dub thee, Sir Brushes for your services to teeth and bristly hair in politicians everywhere.

Yeah…thanks but no thanks, sir. You are as in touch with the web as you are with your history.

Fortunately, the University of Washington is working on a way in which everyone in France can tell him where to put his finger, Asus are making it lighter and nicer to do it and British [amongst other] scientists are working on a way to get the hell away from the chap as quickly, cleanly and mad-genius-brilliantly as is possible – by rush-breathing oxygen, eating hydrogen and firing it out of their ass.

– All this via various. Click the links if you want to know who.
– I ganked the image and threw words on it, so kill me.


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