In 10000 hours Tea Revives the World, Greenwich Dances

I’m entirely unsure if it will be in 10000 hours but apparently 10000 hours is the average amount of time it takes to master a skill.

Hopefully, I’ve the feet and feat to master some in under that because I’m in the Greenwich Dances festival for 2011. Above you can see my collaborator Alexandra Baybutt preparing for our piece.

Titled Tea Revives The World, the piece is an experiment in narrative dance and kindly supported by Greenwich Dance.

Here’s the official:

Tea Revives the World is a site-specific performance experiment, in four parts, inspired in part by the piers of Greenwich and The Cutty Sark, the tea-clipper ship that traded tea all over the globe. Set against the riverside and the shifting Thames shoreline, the performance involves movement, sculptural costume and water. The actions of everyday rituals, tea-picking and voyages of the body and trade are woven together to explore the unique history of Greenwich and our relationship to this past.

Tea Revives the World is funded by Greenwich Dance’s Leg-up Bursary for emerging dance artists

I like it so much, I’ve made it a permanent link on my here webbysite.

Come see us –

  • Wednesday 29 June (Crane Street), Thursday 30 June (from Crane Street to Morden Garden), Friday1 July (Morden Garden). Longer piece: Saturday 2 July (Crane Street). All pieces begin at 7.00pm.
  • Location: Public Garden by the Cutty Sark Pub, the shoreline by Crane Street and between these two sites
You know, to see my feet.
[Don’t worry, no actual feet will be on display
…until the Saturday.]

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