Ben Gwalchmai – WNO MAX Writer-in-Residence

So it’s out there.

There it is – it’s in the title.

That’s my news. Research has begun and it’s balls-to-the-wall, backs-to-the-stacks and pens-to-screens for Hi-Ho Wrexham.

There’ll be more of these posts then.

Oh, sorry. Didn’t I say it clearly?


I’m now a Writer-in-Residence for WNO MAX’s 9 Stories High project.



2 thoughts on “Ben Gwalchmai – WNO MAX Writer-in-Residence

  1. One Hundred and Eight congratulations and sincere obesciences, my friend. We’ll have a drink in your honour next week.

  2. Thank you kindly, brother 🙂

    I’m still all smiles when I think about it and it’s good to be able to say it to the world now too.

    Drink we shall – can’t wait to see you.

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