“This was exactly you, all of this. All of it.” – Doctor Who, Series 6, Episode 7 ‘A Good Man Goes to War’

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The views are in and it seems that, unlike me, many were disappointed with the pay-off, but we all had a lot of fun and were particularly impressed. I – being the big fanboy that I am – absolutely loved it.

“The only water in the forest is the river…Melody Williams, that’s a geography teacher. Melody Pond’s a superhero.”

Let’s be honest, this episode works best if you’ve watched the others but as The Metro points out – it was still fine pop sci-fi.

So, let’s get on to the big pop-sci-fi reveal: River Song is Melody Pond – i.e. The Doctor‘s a cradle snatcher…or sugar-cradle-giver, I suppose.

Well anyway, it’s all going to get a little awkward in the TARDIS for a while.

However, we all sort of called that back at the beginning really didn’t we? That reveal in itself wasn’t exactly asteroid-shattering but the way in which it was done was very nice – for a while there, I thought that River Song was another future incarnation of The Doctor but no, they kept me guessing for just long enough and then the reasons for the looks back to Amy & Rory plus the quickly-cut shots were made obvious, The Doctor was checking on the future parents-in-law.

“I’m not a phantom. I’m not a trickster.”

Matt Smith was very interesting this time around – his brilliantly, palpable anger now very very present [even at River] was very well done but it was the continuous conflict obvious in his face that really gave his presence something new, something alien, something very very Doctor.

Interestingly, over at the BBC One Show they have Matt Smith confirming that he’d like to continue being The Doctor SO here comes a rather long-winded and badly put together conspiracy theory/narrative-arc prediciton knowing that Matt Smith will be with us a while we could conclude that River song kills a version of The Doctor (possibly a Flesh doppelganger) because he wants her to so as to give the universe the notion that he’s dead (and thus no longer a threat to raise armies against) but River only becomes imprisoned when she kills Rory  – after all, why was her reaction to seeing him so intense?

In my opinion, her killing both The Doctor [for fakez] and Rory [for realz] would be the better conclusion to the suspicion around who ‘…the greatest man I ever knew’ she killed was/will-be.

“Would you like me to repeat the question?”

My my Rory [Arthur Darvill] was a bit brilliant this time around – “Now, Mrs Williams. I am never going to let that happen…I wanted to be cool. I wanted to be so cool.” His acting and characterisation have come on in leaps and bounds this series and well played to master Darvill for fleshing him out so smoothly alongside the writing doing so.

Some might say that this episode is an anomaly when viewed next to the others [wherein Rory seems bumbling] however they forget that Rory was a bad-ass for 2000 years and he remembers it all – how to fight like a Roman, how to survive, how to command.

“Give her to me, human fools. She needs changing…I can produce magnificent quantities of  lactic fluid.”

So the ensemble army – brilliant cannibalization by Moffat, if a little jam-packed-to-the-rafters for only 45 minutes. I particularly liked the Sontaran Nurse Straxx – who, in a very Dr. Who way ended his life admitting (and thus finding peace with himself) that he was ‘…a nurse’ – because not only was he under penance given by The Doctor but he was an example to himself. Had he been given a break from penance and peace-time, he may have found comfort with himself.

Different from me, the blogosphere seems to have fallen for the lesbian, Victorian Silurian. OK, when I type it in, I see why. Well, I’ll look forward to fanfic, the slashfic and the off-shoot, late-night BBC 3 series.

Talking of slashfic and all things ‘…sexy vampire fish lady’, the comedy of ‘Is it The Doctor’s baby? OK, if it’s not then what kind of child is it and how?’ scene was a quality bit of back-and-forth Moffat quick-chatter.

“Oh Doctor, fooling you once was a joy but fooling you twice? It’s a privilege.”

My friend Scott just asked me by txt “Was it good? Wait! Don’t tell me…OK tell me” and the best thing I could think to write back for the txt form was “I’m writing a blog post now because it was…arrrghhh, YES then grooooaaann, no but then YESSSSSSSS only2finish with…oh, really? Ah well but…wait a min…so on average I’d say that’s an I cried thrice, I was taken aback out twice and I smiled a lot almost all the way through so…err…YES!!! Watch it.”

“Demons run when a good man goes to war.
Night will fall and drown the sun
when a good man goes to war.
Friendship dies and true love lies –
night will fall and the dark will rise
when a good man goes to war.

Demons run but count the cost –
the battle’s won but the child is lost.” 

It was the last ten minutes that really set me crying: Straxx, Amy not trusting The Doctor, Lorna Bucket’s brave death and The Doctor’s anger/upset at River.

“Where the hell have you been – everytime you’ve asked, I’ve been there – where the HELL were you today?”
“I couldn’t have prevented this -”
“You could have tried!”

Great lines.

Great times – keep up the great work, Moffat & Co.


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