Twenty Eleven at twenty six and counting

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Not that I’m aware of it at all but time is ticking:

June 20th – Poetry& Illustration
– Not much, just a little thing with SIMON [FRIGGIN] ARMITAGE and some of my favourite poets and illustrators from around the last 10 years…you know, the usual ;¬D

June 29th – Tea Revives The World
– we dance, you dance, time dances
– yes, time actually dances: tis a chronological trip; the programme to whit I am now adding to.

mid-July – Ready the move, send the libretto, start the film
– yes, I’m moving out of London.
– London, I love you but I’ve chosen…well, anywhere else really: you see, you’re brilliant, you’re inspiring, you’re everyone’s favourite party but you’re just so intensely inconsistent that I’m unsure I can live with your mood swings so I’m off. I know that you’re the flippant sort so let’s not get teary, eh? Tattaa.

– Oh and I’ll be needing to finish the first draft of that Project WeeTammy by then also

– Oh yeah ‘…and another thing’, filming of The Futur[ISTS] will be readying itself

end-July – [wave goodbye and] MOVE
– yup, everyone’s favourite endeavour
– whereto? Well, first Budapest then Porto then Wales for WNO

No, not conscious of time AT ALL…


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