Supercritical science du jour

Though posts of its kind are currently low – you should see the Twitter feed in the middle there, that shit’s every freakin’ day so don’t squawk your hungry mouths at a man when he’s bringing home the digital goods megabit by bit everyday 😛 – I’m pretty damn sure I’ll be back on the online track now that the world is once again at odds with itself.

We need a Dental-Technician-Environmental-Engineer to save the day but in lieu of one of those, we’ll have Berkeley University making the above carbon capture tech to power electricity factories [yes, factories, I like the term better than ‘power plants‘ as they’re not flowers].

Essentially, the Berkeley’s think they’ve maybe a way to take carbon from all over and shove it back into the soil repeatedly while getting a supercritical mass of heat and kinetics from it to make power – cleaner than clean energy.

Energy creation that actually, slowly but surely resolves the problem of carbon pollution? YES.


While Berkeley saves the Earth, Lincoln Laboratory‘s Chemical, Biological, and Nanoscale Technologies Group save its inhabitants with a possible panacea for viruses.

Eat our tech, virus bitches.

Sure, this may never see the light of day but what if some brilliant, bad-ass scientist just put it in a water supply one day? Well, whoever drank that wold pass that onto their children and…well, you’ve seen Rise of the Planet of Apes [and I’m sure you’ll agree that Tom Felton doesn’t quite have the chops to pull off that line but he gives it a good go] so you’ll know what we need to to the water, then.


Aggregating your future, one advancement at a time.


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