Fuck you, Cynics

When I get married, we’ll have seperate beds in a big, open-plan bedroom but I’ll move them 1millimetre closer everyday.

We’ll have sex, of course, but should we want, we’ll sleep in seperate beds.

After a year, we’ll be closer.
After ten, we’ll be closer still.


2 thoughts on “Fuck you, Cynics

  1. Ah, you see – that’s my genius plan: buy two houses right next to each other so that each has a a study, a library, a near full-building to themselves, a whatever the hell BUT the bedroom will be open plan.

    A massive, open-plan beast of a thing that we could throw each other around in.

    This bedroom thought was just the tip of the iceberg from my thoughts on the whole debacle.

    Maybe the kitchen should be open plan too…hmm, yes. We would need to throw each other around that too.

    Who knows…

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